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Rent a car in Limassol
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At the research of car in Cyprus you make sure that you a lot take and the vehicle that you want, we have built or pre-reservation system of rent of cars, which you gives the choices of vehicles and big prices, leaving potentially you more time and money in order to it enjoys your interruptions in Cyprus. It should you enjoy your travel in Cyprus , it leaves to attend your rent of cars, you we gain money.

Aphrodite - the island of love. The persons in Cyprus the himself, are famous for their hospitality, a fascinating mix the, Byzantine, Greek and British influenced characteristic and traits the Cypriote, nevertheless, are proud the personality and their warmth of character. They will welcome the foreigners in their houses and live much more fast from those from the countries that influenced Cyprus at the duration of years.

The mix of Mediterranean time and cooker, the low cost of life and the facility with that you can , make Cyprus a such sympathy between the west Europeans, particular the Britishes.



Parts of Cyprus you will find a way of life few that change in many from the centuries before, when the rythm of life was slower and the simple pleasure was gained by a equally simple life. Anywhere you travel in Cyprus you will not be long from the a'nci, the fruits and the views and the sounds of Mediterranean . Cyprus has made sure that it attends to the perjploko'teres requirements with the widespread installations for the fishery, the golf, recycling, sailing, the swimming, the travels of nature, and the sports of water.

Even if Greek they are the national language of Cyprus , English are spoken almost everywhere with the exception of certain distant villages.

In Paphos the himself, you take a travel behind via the Christianity in the ST Paul Pillar and the catacombs of ST Salmon they enjoy the graphic harbour and the castle.

Be secured that you are been in place you are visited all the regions and the cities in Cyprus and can make this with simple pre-statisms hire of cars from automotive.





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