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Cyprus was nominated independent Democracy on 16 August 1960. H Cypriot Democracy becomes part the United of Nations, the Community of Europe, Community and. From 1964 Turkey did not cease the independence and the territorial integrity of Cypriot Democracy. 

15 July 1974 the military Junta that controlled then Greece organises in Cyprus military aim the inversion of Chairman Blissful. 

20 July 1974 Turkey attacked Cyprus with 40.000 army. Despite the resistance of Cypriot population Turkish Army occupied 37% of territory of Cypriot Democracy, displaced from their hearths in northern Cyprus 200.000 Greek Cypriots and committed of any kind crimes (rapes, murders in cold blood, ill-treatments, pillages, tortures). Turkish army possess still northern part of Cyprus, despite the international condemnation of Turkey for the invasion in the island and the continuing violation of the human right Cypriot population. 

The Turkish side follows completely negative attitude in the efforts that are overwhelmed in the frames of United of Nations for achievement fair and solution in the Cypriot question, on the contrary µe the Greek-Cypriot side and the Government of Cyprus, that demonstrates always good attitude and good will.

The 1983, the Turkeys region was nominated in "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", but is recognized only by Turkey.

Cyprus is a small country with long history and rich cultural. Indicative is the make that has included the antiquities of Paphos, the Xoirokitia and the nine Byzantine churches of Troodos in her list on the World inheritance Cultural and Natural Treasures.

Unfortunately from the of 1974 cultural Cyprus is found under Turkish possession and consequently the µe this is impossible. This inheritance it is submitted continuously in serious destructions, because Turkish they seek the democratic and cultural alteration of Cyprus.

The most recent biennial circle of discussions under the aegis of United Nations between the leaders of Communities of Greek Cypriots and Turkey for a agreement on reconnection of divided island, you finish/it was finished when rejected the Greek Cypriots the drawing of arrangement of IE in a referendum in April 2004. 

In 1 May 2004 only the internationally recognized Cypriot Republic of Cyprus adhered in the and only the Cypriote that they have Cypriot passport they will have the place of European citizen. The Laws of EE will not be in effect for the Turkey possessed northern department of Cyprus.




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