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Cyprus Beaches
Cyprus Beaches :
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Cyprus had some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Here u can find beaches in Cyprus. Sea in Cyprus is considered very good cause of the nice sand and the clear water.
Check all Cyprus beaches by place:

The coast Agia Napa is considered as thinner with regard to the beaches in Cyprus. The extensive, sandy beaches cover the region that attracts the majority of tourists. All at length of beaches Agia Napa, installations for all the sports of sea are provided included the marine ski, canoe air-serf, navigation, pedals, boats of machines, mechanic two-wheeled, speedboats, parachutes, diving suit-dive and more.  

Limassol has a beach of dark gross sand and gravel. The travel 2 miles of Eastern city and you will find Dassoudi, the main beach of resort. Here, you will realise that the beach is equipped with the modern altered rooms, a barrier of off-hand foods, a restaurant, a park of cars and the sports of water. The beach is dark pebbly  sand. Other beaches include the woman's cloth mile, which is 3 miles of westwards old city this beach is a stretch of 5 mile of dark brown sand. Also the beach Curium, is 10 miles western limassol, has a calm extent coarse, dark, pebbly sand the foot of high cliffs.
Larnaca offers the big stretches of sure sandy beaches that are continued for the miles. The two main beaches in Larnaca are Mckenzie in the outskirts and the beach Dhekelia that goes for the miles that shape the setting in many from the Larnaca hotels 4 and 5 stars.  

In the region Protaras the visitors will find a lot of beaches that are equipped with the athletic installations of each description. Going 5 km north-eastern from the cape Greko further in the northern Pernera, the beaches are certain beaches leading-category at length of this strip with the growth of strip of hotels and restaurants.






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