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Restaurants in Cyprus

Cypriots wishes they eat well and, in the years of dinner, they enjoy a line of dishes. The starters include regularly the salads and the bread are dished outside abundantly also. The meat is a sticking out characteristic trait in the main lines of courses, as fishes, but no as often. Because his climate and as many fresh components available, it is a healthy cooker. 

One of the better known national dishes of island, or more a dinner, they are known as ` mezze ". 25-30 small dishes embellish table when is served this. The cooked in the grill halloumi (cheese of Cypriot goat) with the various immersions it is served a starter, then other based in the vegetables dishes is served before it finishes the dinner with the meat or the pork meat that is usually cooked with the wine/the onions that have been prepared at the duration of various hours. 

The tourism has heavily influenced the choice of restaurants in the island, particularly in the south. With million tourists each year, and half from these British’s, the pie of steak and kidneys and a abundance of chips with the main lines of courses are regularly standardised in the choices. Complete English breakfasts they are advertised at a big part in the restaurants of resort also. 

The finding of restaurants in order to it enjoys the Cypriot cooker can be owed difficult in the influence of other countries. In order to it still finds the restaurants the qualitative national dishes bangers and "the smaller villages round the island it will be supposed it visits. Northern half the cooker of island it is constituted at a big part from the Turkish based foods as kebabs.

Fast Food

There are numerous fast food restaurants in Cyprus, serving a variety of food, ranging from kebabs, burgers and chicken dishes to pizza or Chinese food. Mcdonalds, pizza, kfc, chinesse, kebab. Find it in all cities in Cyprus.






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