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Cyprus has it presents a history over the 11.000 years. The passage of 11 millennia has given in the island a incredibly rich heritage culture. Indicative the rich cultural heritage of island it is the make that  OYNESKO  has included in her official list, on the World Heritage Cultural and Natural Treasures, the antiquities of Pafos, the Xirokitia and nine Byzantine churches of Troodos. 

Important historical personalities, as Big Alexandros and the Cleopatra, connected their name with the island. He Venus, the view of beauty and love, were given birth in Cyprus and her name was identified with that of island (Cypriot). 

Hence the make that in her history of many centuries it faced a lot of conquerors, Cyprus developed and for thousands hro'nja it maintained her own culture, absorbing him all kinds effects that it accepted. And remained centre of Greek culture, with certain being peculiar characteristically.

Byway of years has been shaped also the particularity of identity and the character of himself Cypriote. The population of Cyprus is working, educated. The genuine hospitality is characteristic trait of all Cypriote and particularly persons of countryside.

The day Cyprus, a modernised henceforth country, and included in the European family, constitutes, through her historical and archaeological heritage, a live testimony of payments of European culture. Her population, has accomplished he combines her proud ancient history and cultural heritage with a ultramodern infrastructure and a cosmopolitan way of life. 

The life in Cyprus, through the culture of her population, expresses rich activity in all her sectors  cultural life, as, the literature and the poetry,  figurative arts  and the artistic photograph, 
theatre  and the cinema, the music and the dance, the sports and other.

And example of cultural growth in Cyprus, is the International Festival "the Cypriote", which is organised each year at the months of September - October and it includes representations of opera, theatre, music, dance, cinema and figurative, with groups and artists of international prestige from Cyprus, Greece and other countries.

Cyprus representative of cultural policy of state as long as it concerns in the modern culture they are his Cultural Services Ministry of Education and Culture.

The state encourages and supports the growth modern cultural and
athletic installations, so much for aims of internal culture and intellectual growth, what for aims entertainment  and exercising. This is also expressed through the government owned concern and economic aid in the various organisations, associations, and cultural associations for continuous progress, growth and exploitation of her living material and particularly youth.






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