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Exist a lot of choices of study that the international students can select in order to they are in effect in the universities and the colleges of Cyprus. Cyprus is the more widely acquaintance for the study of administrative programs of hotels, hospitality and tourism. Most of the colleges in Cyprus offer the diploma and in the frame of graded programs in the management of hospitality and the management of hotels. The work in Cyrus for the students that study in the sectors of management of hospitality and management of hotels is allowed at the duration of busy aestival months that offers in the students the possibility of putting their training of hotels in the application. Generally the education is obligatory for the children from roughly 4 years in the Republic of Cyprus. Exist also state and private schools available, with certain from the private schools that teach in the English. For that live in Cyprus they privately exist various international schools, included the initial and secondary education Highgate, the American international school of Cyprus and high school of falcons. 
The government of Cyprus he has made also a policy of guarantee that the children of European citizens can be continued with their education of high school while they live in Cyprus with the offer of intensive Greek courses of language. The training is provided in the schoolteachers in order to them it helps in the children of teaching which first language of are not Greek. 
In Cyprus, the children correspond in the preschool education from the age 4 until 5, first degree education from 5 until the 11 and secondary education from 11 until 18, Cyprus have the university of Cyprus, private universities, colleges, schools and government owned training of institutions as the college, the superior technical institution, and the superior institution of hotels.  
The students that are registered in the academic program of half-year period, gain up to 16 credits for the lines of courses in the following regions: Economically, financing, accountancy, communications, operational administration, marketing, information technology, applied mechanics of computers, applied mechanics of electronics, graphic drawing, management of hotels, travel and tourism, psychology, international relations, law, and pre-medicine. 2,5 GPA, with the copies, letters of constitution, and statement of aim are required for the students in order to they gain the acceptance in the academic program Intercollege. 
The Intercollege of Cyprus is independent, mixed education institution, which has the Univercity in the main city of Nicosia, and coastal smaller cities limassol and Larnaca. It joint grants the degrees and the professional diplomas with twelve British institutions, the University of Indianapolis, the government owned university of New York and the Thomas Edison State College.






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