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The Cypriot markets include, the curtains and the tablecloths, the goods of silks, work of baskets, pottery, and skin. The jewel is an art that has been practised in the island by the period Mycenean the craftsmen that are worked in the modern and traditional forms produce certain very thin pieces. The spoons and the forks are a traditional symbol of Cypriot hospitality.   The Lefkara  is famous in all the world as one from the products that are connected with the Cypriot work the name emanate from the village Lefkara, that is placed in a hill in the street of  –Nicosia limassol.  


Products include the simple baskets that have become in the island for year, the goods of skin and the pottery. The local wines and the cognac make also the good markets. The imported goods sell in competitive prices, included the photographic machines, the perfume, the porcelain, the crystal and, naturally, the thinner English buckrams. The shirts that become in the metre or ready to wear can find it in very low prices.  

Hours of markets
The shops are closed Wednesday after the 1400 as well as all day Sunday. Otherwise the hours of operation are 0800-1300 and in 1600-1930 (summertime, or up to the spring and the autumn 1900) 0800-1300 and 1430-1800 (winter). Fridays, the shops are general open sea up to 2000/2030. 

Information on Currency: 

Pounds of Cyprus (pound Cyprus symbol C£) = 100 sent. The notes are in denominations C£20, the currencies..5 and 1..10 are in denominations 50..20..10 sent..2 and 1..5. 

Exchange of currency
The visitors that wish they receive the not currency in the Cypriot banks for operational reasons are informed that this is only possible from the previous regulation. The ATMs function 24 hours in the main cities and the regions of tourists. 

Credit cards 
All the important credit cards become acceptable in most places. Control with credit or your cards enterprise for the details of commercial acceptance and other services that can be available. 

Travelling cheques
Can be realised in all the banks. In order to they avoid the additional expenses of exchange parity, the travellers are encouraged in order to they take the travelling cheques in the pounds England or pounds Cyprus. 

Restrictions of currency
The import of local currency is unlimited, under the term in the statement the foreigner currency on the sums beyond USS1000 (or the compensation in other currency) should it is declared. The export the local and foreigner currency is limited in the sum that is declared in the arrival. The local currency that is withdrawn from the Cypriot banks can be exported under the term that a certificate of exploitation is received by the bank. 

Indicators of exchange parity 
The following numbers are included as driver in the locomotions of lj'vras Cyprus adversely in exceptional and dollarj'oy USA:  


In the time of publication 

£1.00 = 


$1.00 = 


Banking hours 
Generally mon - Fri 0830-1230 in in June, in July and the August Mon - Fri 0815-1230 and remainder Mon of 1515-1645 year. Certain central banks can also open tues - Fri the afternoon. The banks in Larnaca and in the international airport Pafos are open all the day.






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