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Without a doubt, Lefkosia ( Nicosia ) age capital of 1000 years of Cyprus it should they are in the daily provision of each visitor. It is found at approach in the centre of island of other cities and one day in Lefkosia it will be one day that well.

The old city Lefcosia is unique and sure the place that it directs for first. Encircled from the powerful walls of fortresses that are built by the Venetians in the 16 of century, the enchanting old city is propagated with the buildings and the monuments of historical interest as well as small shops, and tavern. The museum of jewels Lefkosia and the municipal centre of arts of are also the two well value of visit. The municipal museum "Leventeion" Lefkosia, with a resourceful handing-over of history of chapter, was granted the European museum of title of "in 1991 year".

Walk via the old city it is in the step to behind in time. Narrow roads and old houses with the balconies jut from their time walls of sandstone, and artisans in marketing of practice of small laboratories immutably for centuries. "Laiki Geitonia" - popular neighborhood - is a for the pedestrians department, which has anakajnjstej' carefully in order to it causes atmosphere of previous days. The two main roads of old Lefkosia, Lidra and Onasagorou, are the aligned with the shops of each type, and and two roads are for the pedestrians - only.

A other victor of rewards is "Gate Ammochostou of" city - gate Famagusta - one from the initial entries in the old city, which gained the reward of Europe Nostra for her re-establishment. A lot of old churches they are to find itself in this part of city, and other places of interest they are the popular art and the Byzantine museums, the archdiocese, the temple of taxes Ioannis with her beautiful frescos, the national museum of effort and the house Kornesios - a thin example l8th of architecture of century - that it accomodates the museum.

No far from these monuments it is the disreputable "green line" that divides the Democracy from the illegally occupied region in the North. It has existed from 1974 when the Turkish troops in the island and required 37% of northern Cyprus as extracted pseudo-state that has been recognized from then from no nation, apart from Turkey .

The modern city that has been developed outside by the walls is cosmopolitan centre of enterprise and culture. The Lefkosia is considered as heart of markets of Cyprus , with various restaurants, discos and barriers.




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