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The CYPRUS SKI CLUB was formed in 1947 by a group of Ski Enthusiasts consisting of Cypriot and British Nationals as at the time Cyprus was part of the British Empire.

At the time, the Troodos resort was used only in the summer when the Government moved there for cooler conditions. The Pioneers of Skiing in Cyprus used to walk to Troodos in order to practice their Sport, as the roads were not cleared from the snow.

The first ski lift was constructed on the hill opposite the Jubilee Hotel, and the pylons of this Lift can be seen today. It was an ingenious contraption, powered by a Ford Diesel Engine, which through rollers, would circulate a continuous sisal marine rope, on which the Skiers would hook a belt they were wearing and would be dragged to the top where they released the special clip of the belt.

For accommodation the old Military hospital at Troodos was used with one dormitory for men, one for women, and a common room, which was used for eating and resting. The Ski Shop was housed in a wooden building, which was situated where the road ends today in the Government house complex above the Troodos - Prodromos road.

In the late 50s the British Military in Cyprus bought 2 small portable lifts, which they installed in the winter at the site where the Hera Lift is today situated. The one lift was installed starting from the Prodromos Road and would drag one person at the time. The second lift started from where the 1st lift finished and almost reached the top of the North Face.

With the Cyprus Independence from British rule in 1960, the Cyprus Ski Club had Cypriot and other Nationality members and the British Military and their dependants created the Near East Forces Ski Club (NEFSKI). The two Clubs co-operate until today.



Lifts and Slope Status:

1. Sun Valley 1 (Aphrodite): CLOSED
2. Sun Valley 2 (Hermes) : CLOSED
3. North Face 1 (Dias): CLOSED
4. North Face 2 (Hera): CLOSED
5. Cross Country Track: ClOSED

Temperature near Dias restaurant: 10 Degrees Celsius
Max. snow depth at Dias slope: 0 cm

Troodos Webcam

Cyprus Ski - Troodos Mountains


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