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Summertime when it sizzles 
Aestival stretches from the May up to October and high temperatures of means, the cloudless skies and refreshing breeze from the sea. It is the ideal season for the swimming, a sun-herapy and entire line water sports from the navigation in the dive of diving suits 
This moment of year, you early explore the archaeological regions the morning or in late the afternoon, avoiding him hottest  part of day. It is always a good idea it brings at length of protection of suns, as sunscreen and the wide - the hat. Even the height of summertime when are (90F) degrees 32C in the beach (and hotter internal), the temperatures are refreshingly cooler in the Troodos, that renders the mountains ideal for the walk or simply that relaxes. 
The days of September and October are still sunshine and the water enough hot for the comfortable swimming. Basically, it is still summertime. In Lemesos, the first ten days of September bring the annual festival of wine.  
Autumn hot and sunshine’s 
To the end October the evenings tend take more in a fresh way, nevertheless, in October and via November the colour of change of leaves in the Troodos and the vineyards take golden and purple colours adversely in a setting of crystal they clean the light of helium. In Cyprus even the means November can to feel as the summertime, but from medium-weight dues of month the costume for the late afternoon and the evenings will strengthen the travelling experience. It is still possible to enjoy, while the internal campaigns in the villages and the vineyards for the trials of wine can be very pleasant. The fall brings also with the annual festival Kypria, with lending prestige local and international musical and dramatic output in the places of meeting in all Cyprus.  
Winter active season
December - February the months of Mediterranean winter, brings the possibility of rain, but still a mean of six hours of luminous sunlight daily. This is the time of year when interrupt the smaller Mediterranean destinations for the season, but no thus Cyprus. The island is important operational centre and it has many considerably regions of heritage and museums, all in them that are more less accumulated the winter. The cultural timetable is also live and well at all the duration of winter, with the new makes that come all the hour. The aestival resort Agia Napa, for example, offers a "cultural winter" with the classic concerts of music and the modern output of dance. His in the beginnings February exists casual rain, and often snow in the Troodos - ideal in order to it makes ski!  
Enjoyments spring  
First orchids they bloom in January in Cyprus, and up to the means February the province she is already live with fresh greens meadows in the blossoming. The days March can still be cool (morning temperatures round 19C or 65F, 9C or 40F the night) but regularly they retain. The precocious spring is a marvellous time to visit in Cyprus, with pleasant morning temperatures and many from the ancient destructions that are framed from carpet of red anemones and other wildflowers. 
In April and in the means May the spring is in complete force. This is an ideal time for walks nature and the adjacent adventures in the peninsula Akamas. Cyprus has 1.950 species of blooming plants, 140 which are increased nowhere elsewhere but in the island of, and in the Akamas only, exist 700 species of plants, which 40 are endemic. From February up to April, rose the young shoots above their difficult hills and thickets and the forms of in the baths Aphrodite. If the summertime Cyprus is the place in the bask in sun, then the spring is the time in savour the natural beauty of island in the blossoming.




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