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Snowboarding in Cyprus
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Right slap in the middle of his Mediterranean island terms Olympus of towers of Cyprus . Precisely under his 2000m capable it collects enough snowfalls from the dues December up to March in order to it has his resort. Initially built and the used from the British army after the second world war, decade the 60 saw the club ski of Cyprus undertaking the resort and have having installed from ' then more lifts and having it extends the extent. Roughly his hours leads from the Nicosia and Limassol and a short movement from the village Troodos. As he was expected the season is much struck and the snow does not tend lasts too much a lot a time in the ground, with the rocks that they straight present after roughly 4 days without snow Nevertheless when the snow is good then exists certain trees that straight. The 4 lifts of attraction are old but they continue all the season without a obstacle, but they appear they lose the keys in basher it is seldom used. The bents can be busy in the Weekends and the interruptions, but regularly exceptionally calm at the duration of week with precisely certain persons in the bents. The Locals that it only begins precisely to recognize also up to now only ski is available in the rent from the shop that is placed in the coffee in the run of "valleys of suns. The tables can be bought from force eight the sports Limassol. At the duration of heavy snowfalls, the local police will stop the vehicles from the achievement of bents unless you are 4x4 or utilisation of chains of snow. For 2 or 3 days you can have a certain amusement, it takes your legs of tables for the season, they take certain strange looks from local (all-where time) skier, and the afternoon where you can seat in the beach.







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